Banana Bros. X Higher Standards OTTO Grinder

€199,95 €159,95

Sleek and ergonomic, the OTTO by Banana Bros. transforms dry herb to the perfect consistency for a cone in mere seconds with the touch of a button. In collaboration with Higher Standards, this OTTO grinder features a modern Pearl White color, with a glimmering, opalescent finish, bringing an elevated experience to a reliable, tried and true grinder. Includes 6 Banana Bros King-Sized Cones & 3 Shorty Cones.

Instruction Guide


  • Exclusive Pearl White Color with an Opalescent Finish
  • Mill & Fill at the Touch of a Button
  • AI Adjusts the Direction, Speed & Pressure
  • Updated Grinding Algorithm
  • Even Grind Prevents Air Pockets & Runs
  • Grinds & Packs 20-30 Cones Per Charge
  • Reinforced Latch for Durability
  • Includes 6 Banana Bros King-Sized Cones & 3 Shorty Cones.
  • Compatible With All Short, Standard & King-Sized Cones
  • O-Funnel Not Included



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