At Insomnia Smoke, we know the products we sell inside out, often using them ourselves to make sure they’re always of the highest quality possible. We pride ourselves on the fact that our store is made up of the best products which can be found on the market. At our online store, you’ll find aluminium grinders, wood grinders, acrylic grinders, titanium grinders, electric smart grinders, and much more. 

We sell many of the top international brands out there, including the likes of Banana Bros., Best Buds, Greengo, Groove, Heady Dad, Kannastör, King Palm, Marley Natural, Ongrok, RYOT, and Stona. 

Why is it so important to get the right herb grinder? 

The main purpose of a herb grinder is to break down the material or substance you're using into something more manageable - and with a more even consistency. This makes it far easier when it comes to loading, smoking, (or even cooking!) a substance.

By grinding the herbs, the surface area of the material is increased, which then enhances the flavour and aroma of the material itself. Additionally, grinding herbs can make it easier to extract the active compounds - meaning that you’ll get a smoother, more effective smoking experience. 

All of our products are chosen because of their quality and longevity. We want customers to have grinders which can heighten their smoking experience and ensure that the materials they use don’t go to waste. 

We also offer a wide range of affordable options, so that everyone can get a grinder which works for them!

Herb Grinders

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