Few grinders out there match the quality and efficiency of Kannastör grinders. Crafted from food and medical-grade aluminium, Kannastör boasts an international reputation, with its ‘Wirecutter’ product even winning the New York Times ‘Best Herb Grinder’ award in 2023. The Kannastör line of preparation tools includes presses, grinders, and storage options, all in a variety of styles and dimensions to suit your needs.

What sets Kannastör grinders apart? 

Kannastör is well known for its innovation when it comes to product manufacturing. The grinders which they produce are engineered to make your grinding experience straightforward and seamless at every turn. Among the top selling points are Kannastör’s friction/residue rings, which reduce friction, reduce wastage, and ensure an effortless grind every time. Additionally, Kannastör’s replaceable micro mesh screens eliminate the need to replace the entire grinder when the screen wears down, adding longevity to their products. Meanwhile, Kannastör models such as the GR8TR V2 and GR8TR V2 Jar Body Grinder come with interchangeable grinder plates, allowing you to customize the consistency of whatever substance you’re preparing.

Insomnia Smoke is proud to sell a wide range of Kannastör products, including jar body grinders, mini grinders, multi-chamber solid body grinders, and storage pucks, as well as accessories such as micro-mesh screens. Every Kannastör product we sell is backed by the brand's commitment to quality, as well as their limited lifetime warranty. 

If you want to discover why Kannastör has won numerous awards and developed an international reputation, check out their products and discover what all the fuss is about!

Brand Kannastör

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