Insomnia Smoke is a European based headshop that was founded in 2018 with the sole purpose of satisfying the needs and desires of those immersed in headshop culture. No matter if you’re looking for bongs, water pipes, rolling papers or machines, one-hitters, roach clips or vaporizers, our goal is to give you what you need at a great cost and with an unmatched quality of service.

If you’re happy with our business, then we’re happy with having done our job right. We don’t aim to make customers as much as we aim to make friends, as we realize there is nothing more important to our niche than sticking together and spreading the love. What goes around comes around doesn’t it?

That’s what we hope, at least. We’ve dedicated ourselves not to just being a good headshop, but to being the best - and we’re avid enemies of disappointment, which is why all of our customers leave our location with a smile on their faces.

Our business was founded with three clear-cut goals in mind:

  • To offer high-quality gear and supplies at a great price.
  • To lend you our support in the form of spectacular customer service.
  • To provide discreet worldwide shipping for all of our items. 

We ship the best headshop gear around, having cultivated a network of trusted retailers from the USA, Canada, Spain and Netherland to supply us with the good stuff that gets us all hooked. If there’s anything in our hobby that’s highly appreciated, then it’s probably the quality of the materials we use. A good bong equals a good hit, and that’s been one of our mottos for years.

What does this mean for you? That you no longer have to go out and inconvenience yourself by trying to find where to buy rolling papers at 3 AM - you can get them from us, delivered straight to your door, at a cheaper cost than usual. We know how tedious a journey like that can be - so if you don’t feel like being cruel to yourself, then place your order online, from the comfort of your own couch, and profit.

Remember that time you had to go outside when you really didn’t feel like it? Yeah. So do we. Why do you think we founded a headshop? One of the main advantages we have over what’s traditional is that we can ship your gear to you so you don’t have to move an inch. Our ancestors used to sit in their caves all day when they had nothing better to do in order to preserve energy. If you want to continue their legacy, then we can get behind that.

Back in 2018, we didn’t have much variety for when it comes to our recreational options. We had to be creative, trying to find ways of improving what was already old and boring. Acquiring a bong or a pipe was much more difficult than it is now, which is one of the things that made us exclaim “Enough!” one fateful day, and that made us realize the necessity of founding Insomnia Smoke.

We’re bursting with so much variety now, we don’t even know where to hold it all. We’ve come a long way, and we’re not even close to being finished. Why? Because our team likes to have fun, and we all like our job. With a formula like that, how can it ever go wrong?

And you? You’re part of the team now. Get ready to have a blast!

Brand Insomnia Smoke

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