Green Jay The Single Pre-roll Carrier Container



Rose Gold

The Single, by Green Jay, is a carrier/container specially-designed to hold a pre-rolled spliff. It allows smokers to roll one before embarking on their latest adventure, whether that be hiking in the hills, relaxing at the beach or simply hanging out, while offering total protection from both the elements and the rough and tumble of everyday life.

The Single is manufactured from high-grade aluminium, is tough and strong while also being airtight and waterproof. Whenever and wherever you choose to smoke your pre-roll it will be as good as when it was rolled. Keeps water and high humidity out and your spliff dry!

This smell-proof container won't give the game away and its discreet size and form makes it easy to stash. The joint holder in The Single's cap holds your pre-roll securely and the press and turn lid helps keep prying eyes at bay whilst offering child-proof protection against inquisitive youngsters.

The Single is available in 3 attractive finishes: matte black, white and rose gold.

All Green Jay products are guaranteed against manufacturing and material defects for one (1) year from the original date of purchase.



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