RYOT 1905 Fly Wood Grinder


RYOT's premium 1905 Wood Grinders provide smokers and vapers with smoothly ground herbs every time. Durable and portable, these unique and attractive wooden accessories are engineered to perfection.

The 1905 FLY Wooden Grinder is manufactured from walnut wood and features steel teeth for strength. This is a 2-piece design that boasts a magnetic closure to keep everything together. The origiunal design for this grinder was patented in 1905, hence its name! These wood grinders are guaranteed not to warp or lose any steel pins/teeth.

Dimensions: 7.4 (L) x 5.8 (W) x 3.0 cm. (2.91 (L) x 2.28 (W) x 1.18 (H) inches)



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