Greengo FSC Playing Cards Bridge Size International


These are the one and only Greengo playing cards. These Greengo playing cards are made of 320 grams of paper, the cards are nice and sturdy. The cards are in the format International Bridge, (56 x 87 mm). It is a Kobaldeck playing cards. The game has 55 cards. 52 for the card game, 2 jokers and a Bridge Score card. The Greengo playing cards are made entirely from FSC approved paper and the following playing cards are produced to the following International Bridge standard. As a result, you are assured of a sturdy pack of cards. 

A card game for when you're getting stoned!

Playing card games is considered by many stoners to be a great activity during your high. It's great when you bring out the rolling paper, but can you imagine the look on your friends' faces when your deck of cards is also from Greengo? Have fun playing!



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