Futurola x Tyson Ranch King Size Slim Rolling Papers & Tips


Roll like a legend with the new and improved blunt wrap from Futurola and Tyson Ranch. These blunt wraps are infused with terpenes from a Tyson Ranch strain that Mike Tyson developed after having a life-changing experience with poisonous toads. These natural terpenese work together to complement the additional terpenes in the flower, highlighting the flavor for a trippy experience. "The Toad" is now a signature of Mike Tyson's Tyson Ranch line of rolling products.

  • Infused with Natural Terpeneds
  • Tobacco Free
  • Developed by Futurola x Mike Tyson
  • Mike Tyson's Signature "The Toad" Flavor
  • Made in the USA

Size: King size (33x papers and tips)

Quantity: 1x pack



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