Futurola Rolling Tray




Futurola is an Amsterdam based company that not just specializes in rolling papers, but also offers a wide range of smoking equipment to make a smokers life so much easier. This metal rolling tray is a perfect example of their company philosophy, as it allows you to keep all your smoking gear within reach on one handy lightweight tray.

This portable tray is made from quality aluminum it has been designed to be able to take a beating. It measures 27 x 16 cm / 10.6 x 6.3 inches, which provides you with enough space to place all your necessary smoking accessories on the tray. The tray has a non-stick rolling surface and is equipped with round edges, which prevents your herbs and tobacco from getting stuck in the corners.

The tray has a off white color with images of an arrangement of smoking equipment and papers that they have in their extended collection.



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