Futurola Mega Size Pre-Rolled Cones


Why just go big if you can go mega big! Ultra-thin and slow burning, Futurola's pre-rolled Mega Size cones measure 280mm in length, including the 88mm of heavy 100% FSC (environmentally friendly) paper filter tip. Futurola papers are one of the thinnest additive-free papers in the world, providing you with an even more enjoyable smoking experience.

Each pre-rolled cone is packed with a plastic straw inside to maintain its shape, so you never have to deal with flattened cones. Just fill one up, twist the end and you'll have a smoke ready to go in seconds! One box contains two mega size pre-rolled cones.

  • Ultra-thin additive free paper 
  • Heavy 100% FSC paper tip
  • Mega size 280mm cones with filters
  • Two pre-rolled cones per box



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