Beamer Tommy Chong Cannabis Killer Odor Eliminating Candle 355ml

We teamed up with Tommy Chong to bring you a new version of our acclaimed Cannabis Killer odor killing candle! Like all candles in our Smoke Killer Collection, contain natural odor-killing enzymes that break down odors at the molecular level. Killing the bad, Filling the good! Leaving your home smelling clean even once the candle’s out. Each 12oz candle has a 90-hour burn time and is made from a natural soy blend wax with a lead-free wick.The glass mason jar can also be washed and reused. Enjoy!
Other Details:
  • Made in collaboration with Tommy Chong
  • Fresh, natural Cannabis Killer scent
  • Contains natural enzymes that absorb and eliminate bad odors for good
  • 12 ounce candle with a 90-hour burn time
  • Comes in a reusable glass mason jar



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