Cooco Green Keeper Mini Stash Box



When it comes to storing and protecting fresh herbs you want a stash box that’s compact, discrete, lockable, and smell proof. Especially if you’ve got nosy friends or kids in the house. We created the Mini Green Keeper Stash Box with all those essential features, so you can keep things neat, organised, and better protected no matter if you’re at home or on the go. And with a reusable humidifier inside the lid, your herbs will stay fresh and clean with minimal effort.

Premium Odour Resistant Stash Box – Ideal for storing personal herbs and natural greens this smell-proof box keeps things neat, organised, and discretely protected at home or on the go.

Lockable Lid with Key – This versatile green keeper stash box features a lockable lid that lets you secure
contents and keep them from being accessed by guests, adults, or kids in your home.

Reusable Humidifier – Inside the lid of our wooden stash box is a small humidifier that helps absorb moisture to keep papers, herbs, and other contents clean and dry while they’re being stored.

Natural Acacia Wood Construction – Our mini stash box is crafted with high-quality wood and features reinforced metal hinges to provide better durability and protection when storing delicate herbs.

Compact and Portable Size – At just 6” x 3” x 3.25” size this stash box is easy to use at home, store in your closet, keep in your car, or take with you almost anywhere, so you never leave without it.

Keep your fresh herbs and personal items organised and protected with a discrete mini stash box that’s made for compact portability.



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