Cannabolish Cannabis Odour Removing Gel 425g


Remove unwanted, tell-tale cannabis odours naturally with Cannabolish Cannabis Odour Removing Gel.

Cannabolish odour removing products use natural plant oils to neutralise odours at the molecular level without the need for harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances. Just leave an open jar of Cannabis Odour Removing Gel in any room to nullify lingering smoking odours between sessions. Its plant-based formula works as it slowly evaporates, seeking out and neutralising smoke (and other household) odours continuously.

Instructions for use:

  • Open the jar and peel back the foil.
  • Replace the slotted lid and position where odours are strongest.
  • Best used between sessions.
  • Use in conjunction with Cannabis Odour Removing Candle (during the session) and Cannabis Odour Removing Spray (after the session) for total smoke odour removal and complete peace of mind.
  • Do not use in rooms with living/growing cannabis plants.

Cannabolish Cannabis Odour Removing Lavender Gel is available in two sizes: 198 gr (7 oz.) and 425 gr (15 oz.).



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