Best Buds Metal Grinder 4 Parts 50mm



This highly durable metal grinder is an efficient tool that has been designed to effortlessly shred and grind dry herbs into a fluffy, desirable consistency. The grinder features four parts that effortlessly screw together to create a tight smooth seal during use.

This high-quality grinder is hard. Don’t let the colorful design of this grinder deceive you. Manufactured using super-durable premium aviation-grade material, the Best Buds Metal Grinder guarantees several years of reliable and efficient grinding.

This grinder is the perfect combination of design, efficiency, and durability. The Best Buds grinder is not only made from durable metal. The grinder features diamond-shaped teeth that have been perfectly positioned to ensure easy grinding. During use, the pollen from the herb is filtered by a metal screen, and it falls into the bottom compartment. The grinder comes with a magnetic lid that ensures zero spillovers. It also comes with a handy scraping tool to remove the kief from the bottom compartment.

Grinder features extra-strong magnets to ensure that the grinder doesn’t open during use and transportation while the stainless Steel mesh blocks everything else and only leaves the finest material, which collects at the bottom compartment. This four-part grinder includes a scraper, and it’s manufactured using top-quality material. 

It’s safe to say that blades make a grinder. With a few quick turns, this metal grinder can grind easily and with maximum efficiency. The grinder features a thoughtful design, with a friction ring on the cap for easier grip. This makes the grinding process a lot smoother and easier.



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