Beamer 40 Grand 1 1/4 Size 24 Karat Gold Pre-rolled Cone


People will tell you to keep your head down, to stay in your lane, to fit in. They'll tell you it's bad taste to be flashy, to enjoy extravagance. But let's face it: extravagance is fun! You work hard, and you deserve to treat yourself to the best: an ultra-luxurious cone made with real 24 karat gold. Beamer 40 Grand pre-rolled cones let you celebrate how you want to--not how others say you should. And when you're the life of the party, burning down real 24 karat gold, you'll know you made the right choice. 

Each reusable tube comes with 1 pre-rolled cone. Each display comes with 12 tubes.

Other Details:

  •  Ultra-luxurious 1 1/4 size (79mm) prerolled cone
  •  Made with real 24 karat gold!
  •  Comes with 1 cone per tube
  •  Cone features a tip that makes loading, smoking, and passing it much easier
  •  Be the life of the party, no matter where the party is



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