Cannabolish Cannabis Odor Removing Lavender Spray 236ml


NEW! Cannabolish Lavender Spray quickly removes smoke odors using a safer, natural blend of water and plant oils … and just a hint of lavender essence. Free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. 

Cannabolish Odour Removing Lavender Spray can be used everywhere - in the bedroom, living room, basement, in the car - just about everywhere in fact! Choose from 2 handy sizes; the 59 ml (2 fl. oz). Travel Size or the 239 ml (8 fl. oz.) for use in the home.

Cannabolish Lavender Spray has the following advantages:

  • Neutralises odour molecules in seconds, DOES NOT mask them
  • Made with natural ingredients, such as water and essential plant oils
  • No potentially toxic chemicals, synthetic perfumes, alcohol, or phthalates
  • Non-toxic and safer around people, pets, and for the planet too!Non-aerosol, biodegradable spray with recyclable packaging



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