Cooco Aluminum Blaze Case



Space Grey

Crafted with high-quality, lightweight aluminum that’s durable, moisture resistant, and locks in odors and smells, it’s the perfect choice for who want to keep a joint with them when they’re out hiking, spending time with friends, or just relaxing on the beach.

Blaze Confort

Sometimes you want to be able to visit a friend or head out for a relaxing evening and take a joint with you without having to take an entire stash box or rolling tray to get it rolled up on site. Especially when you’re traveling light or trying to be more discrete with your herbal enjoyment. That’s why this compact and portable aluminum joint case makes it easy to slide in a spliff and protect it from bending, moisture, or from coming unrolled when you’re traveling or on the go.

Travel Focused Storage

More than anything this joint case allows you to live life with more freedom. This means you never have to leave a herb behind or go without a quick preroll even when you’re out of the house, visiting friends, or relaxing at a party. Simply store your pre-roll herb, put it in your pocket, and always be ready to catch a quick toke when the mood strikes.

Purse and Pocket Size Container

At just X” in length our small joint tube can easily slide into a front pocket, fit into a handbag or purse, or be tucked away in a jacket pocket. In fact, our discrete size means it can fit with your other toiletries, cosmetics, or personal affects and blend right in without anyone knowing what’s inside.

Quick Access Tube

Along with a short tube length our portable joint case has a simple screw-on and screw-off bottom that lets you slide in a joint up to 4.8" long and 0.9" in diameter with no pushing or pulling. This makes it easier to roll one up at home, pack your travel tube, and then stick it in a pocket and go without slowing down.

Premium Aluminum Craftsmanship

Each Blaze joint holder case is made with premium-grade aluminum that’s scratch resistant and virtually indestructible. This means you don’t have to worry about your pre-roll herb form being damaged and it’s lightweight enough you can keep it with you on hikes, trips, and out adventuring.



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