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Get the perfect gift for that special, colorful someone in your life with our adorable yet powerful unicorn coffee mug. If you consider yourself to be a bubbly...

Get the perfect gift for that special, colorful someone in your life with our adorable yet powerful unicorn coffee mug. If you consider yourself to be a bubbly swirl of colours that’s reverberating with independence and strength, then this personalized coffee mug is sure to satisfy your inner self. 

Waking up in the morning and getting ready for work can be made a much more pleasant experience when you’re taking a sip from your favorite unicorn mug. This unique mug is scintillating with a variety of rich colours and reflects the relaxed gaze of a serene unicorn who is impervious to the boring and the mundane, empowering you to glow throughout the day. 

Besides being a bonafide treat for yourself if you’re the sort of person to toot your own horn and leave behind an explosion of colours, this mug also serves as a great gift to those you know to have a fiercely independent yet artistic personality. 

If you’re not yet at the point where you can proudly declare your freedom, then we’ve made sure to infuse the mug with a little bit of our special magic. "Insomnia Fun" has got your back, so take a sip of your favourite brew or drink, take a deep breath, and go get ‘em, unicorn! You got this. 

The great outdoors is wonderful to explore and experience, and although you’re not likely to find a unicorn while roaming through the woods, we like to believe our special mug is more than enough. How could a real-life unicorn ever compare to the beautiful white design of the "Insomnia Fun" unicorn coffee mug? That’s just wishful thinking. 

Satisfy your dreams of getting to meet a unicorn by opting for the better option: encapsulating the essence of your furry friend onto a coffee mug that is going to provide you warmth and comfort during long workdays or movies that need a bit of extra pep to be worth watching. 

This mug is not just for coffee, having been designed to store a wide variety of drinks. Whether you’re fond of tea, milk, or just sipping an energy drink out of a spectacularly beautiful mug, our legendary art piece turned container is no doubt going to make the experience all the more sweet and colourful. 

Nobody has ever said that unicorns are boring. If the image of a beautifully white stallion with an amazing, silky mane and an astoundingly aesthetic horn jutting out of its head doesn’t impress you, then that’s because you haven’t met one yet. Fortunately for you, you can do that through us. 

"Insomnia Fun" unicorn coffee mug has been designed from high-quality materials and with comfort in mind. If you or a friend of yours is fond of colours, strength, or quite simply unicorns, then the best gift for them is a coffee mug that features the most enchanting creature of common folklore drawn beautifully and sprinkled with a little bit of magic.

Dimensions: 9.5 cm x 8.2 cm / 3.74 in x 3.23 in

Capacity: 300 ml / 11 oz



Lades till i kundvagnen!


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