Futurola X Tyson Ranch Cone Roller


A good product deserves a good roll, and that's why we're proud to introduce you to your new Chief Rolling Officer - the Futurola X Tyson Ranch Cone Roller. This roller is the perfect size and companion for our Futurola X Tyson Ranch Blunt Wraps and can be used for any other King Size wrap or papers as well.

This rolling machine provides the perfect roll every time so you know longer have to worry about messing up or wasting product. It's simple to use and even includes Futurola X Tyson Ranch King Size Rolling Papers to get you started right out of the box!

Get the perfect roll every time with this high end rolling machine.

  • Futurola X Tyson Ranch Collaboration
  • Compatible with King Size Wraps & Papers
  • Provides the Perfect Roll Every Time
  • Futurola X Tyson Ranch King Size Rolling Papers + Tips Included
  • Storage Sachet Included

Size: King Size

Dimensions: 5.5" x 1.5"



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